Our pipeline professionals have decades of experience and always put a priority on safety ensuring your team and future contractors are protected
Pipeline construction

Pipelines have been the cornerstone of our business since 2008 and as a result, Triple S Cairns is acknowledged as one of north Queensland’s most experienced and recognised civil contractors. We continue to prove that we can build any pipeline, anywhere.


Triple S Cairns has a totally dedicated work force and is ideally placed to carry out any size pipework installation in our northern areas. Our services range from the excavation of any residential or commercial project along with the laying of pipes to any home, industrial, laboratory, hospitals, universities, office buildings and shopping centres.


Installation of new pipes can be costly and requires a significant amount of planning and work. We have the machinery and experience needed to quickly complete piping projects of all sizes. After completing hundreds of projects, including the installation of new systems, we have developed a streamlined approach to pipelaying to ensure your job stays on schedule.

Relocation and re-routing

Installing new piping is only a small part of our pipelaying experience. We also have years of experience in excavating and relocating or rerouting existing systems on properties of any size. Whether your system needs a replacement part installed or your plumbing needs an upgrade, our team is here to help.


About Triple S Cairns
Providing professional civil construction services to Cairns since 2007

For over fifteen years, our team of excavation professionals has completed a wide range of projects like building pads, the construction of entire subdivisions. All our experts have years of experience in working with a variety of contractors. We work quickly, ensuring every project is completed on time and on budget.

Experienced staff providing a friendly, professional service

We have made a point to provide continued training to all our employees to ensure our team is always up-to-date with the latest excavation methods and tools. Our team of professionals features decades of experience in projects of all types. From grading and shaping to the hauling of materials, they have done it all. Let our experts make short work out of your next challenging excavation project. We use the latest tools and techniques on every job.


Our team have years of experience in prepping ground for development, digging out drainage and performing foundation excavation.
We provide superior work and have experience in every stage of subdivision preparation.
We are proud to be Cairns’ first choice when it comes to developmental pipelaying and we continue to prove our expertise with every hire.
Have a look through our image gallery to see the scope of projects that we work on in and around the Cairns region.
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Triple S Cairns remain the North’s leading excavating contractors servicing both commercial and industrial projects and developments

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